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5 Printable Chemistry Binder Covers

If you’re in need of a binder cover for your Science or Chemistry classes that you can print out at home, look no further. This collection of printable binder covers has something for everyone. Best of all, these binder covers are free to download and print, so you can get started on creating your perfect binder right away.

How to Use these Binder Covers

These covers are really easy to use, and they can really add some personality to your school supplies. Here’s how to use printable binder covers:

1. Choose the binder covers that you like. There are lots of different free designs available on my site, so take your time and find something that suits your style.

2. Print the binder cover out on heavy duty paper. You’ll need to use a printer that can handle thick paper, so make sure you check the specifications before you start printing.

3. Attach the binder cover to your binder either by slipping into the sleeve on the outside or use a hole punch to pop it inside the binder.

4. Fill the binder with all of your notes, assignments and handouts. You could also use binder covers as dividers to keep everything organized.

5. Display your unique binder at school or work with pride!

5 Chemistry Binder Covers

Kids Binder Cover

Download the Kids Binder Cover

binder cover with kids in lab with blackboard behind them and above the words chemistry on a blue background

Molecule Binder cover

Download Molecule Binder Cover

binder cover with blue background and molecule in middle of page with words chemistry above

Beaker Binder Cover

Download Beaker Binder Cover

binder cover with pink background and beaker in middle of page with words chemistry above

Test Tube Binder Cover

Download Test Tube Binder Cover

binder cover with aqua background and test tubes in middle of page with words chemistry above

Hexagon Binder Cover

Download Hexagon Binder Cover

binder cover blue and white hexagon background peach banner with white writing saying chemistry

I hope you love these binder covers!

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